Stewart McPeak

Certified Flight Instructor
Certified Instrument Instructor
Certified Multi-Engine Instructor

Updated: 07/12/2011

Welcome to The Stewart McPeak Aviation Web Page.  I am a Certified Flight Instructor flying out of Troutdale Airport in Portland, OR.  With my Instrument Instructor rating (which can be handy with our weather patterns) and my Multi-Engine Instructor rating, I can satisfy all of your aviation instruction needs.  If your Instrument currency is out of date, I offer a package that will get you flying in the clouds in no time at all.

My association with Gorge Winds Inc., a Professional Flight School based at KTTD, completes this "One Stop Shopping" service.

Please feel free to click around the site to find out more information on services I can provide you or just check out the many Aviation, FAA, and Instructional materials I have collected.

If you are ready for an intro flight, a flying lesson, or just would like some assistance, please call me at 971-570-4839 or E-mail me at

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